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Dezynfekcja aktywnym tlenem

For over 20 years we have been providing high-quality products and accessories used not only in saunas, but also in public and private swimming pools. This category includes special active oxygen for pools that will help to properly clean, and is an alternative to disinfecting chlorine.

Active oxygen disinfection is very popular in facilities with small pools - e.g. in SPA salons or on private properties. The effectiveness of the agents is high - they act very quickly, so you can swim in the water relatively soon after cleaning. These products are odourless, unlike chlorine, the unpleasant smell of which can linger for a long time.

Active oxygen for the pool is available in tablets and effectively removes blue oil sticks. This bacterium is very dangerous and can cause a variety of infections and inflammations (e.g. urinary tract, meninges). The tablets also help remove the golden staph from the water - infection with this bacterium can cause purulent foci on the skin and soft tissues. In order to improve water clarity, we also recommend using chemical preparations from this category.

For comprehensive water care, we also recommend viewing the subpages on the fight against algae, pH regulation and coagulation. The combination of these measures gives great results and allows you to enjoy the algae and bacteria-free pool for a long time.

Active oxygen for swimming pools is a safe agent for proper disinfection. Choose this if you are looking for an efficient alternative to the popular chlorine, which dissolves in water more slowly and leaves a pungent, unpleasant smell. In case of any questions or doubts, we provide help and professional advice.


Description:  Cleaning agents , improves water clarity.
Description:  Cleaning agents , improves water clarity.
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