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Chlor Tab 20 g


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For constant disinfection of swimming pool water.
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Stabilised, chlorinating tablets (20 g) with an active chlorine content of about 90% each.
- very slowly soluble
-  suitable for very hard pool water
- used to stabilise the content of chlorine especially in the effects of sun and temperature.

How to use:
Tablets 20g: 1 tablet is suitable for about 2-3 m3 of pool water. Dispense every 5-7 days.

While using, check and eventually correct the pH of pool water to a pH in the range 7.2 - 7.6. It is recommended that the content of free chlorine in the pool basin was maintained at 0.3 - 0.6 mg / l. (Measurement possible with a tester or photometer - available in accessories)

The tablets should be dispensed by inserting them into a dosing float or skimmer.

Do not dispose the tablets directly into pools with plastic or foil lining! – Danger of  decolourising. The value of the chlorine and pH (7.0-7.4) Should be checked weekly.

Available capacity:
1kg, 5kg

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