Superkalgu Standard
Superkalgu Standard

Superkalgu Standard


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Description: Fluid coagulation agent pool water. The most effective in the pH range of 6.5 - 7.8 It works irrespective of  the temperature and water treatment methods which were used. It improves filtration immediately.
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When dispensing  the agent to the water pool, the small particles of contaminants are sticking together in the so-called “flocks”. Flocks’ sizes are large enough that they can be stopped in the filter bed. To make this process effective coagulant dosage should be continuous.

Since the effectiveness of the coagulant Superkalg Standard depends on the pH of the pool water, we need to maintain the pH in the range 7.0-7.4 We do this by using the equalizer pH minus or pH plus.  The dose depends on the load of the pool :  from 0.4-1.2 g per each m3 of water circulation. Dispense with the switch on circulation pump by skimmer. Koagulant can be diluted with the proportion 1:10 using high efficiency pumps.

Available capacity:
1kg, 5kg, 30 kg

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