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Technical consultancy


We offer professional and comprehensive consultancy related to technical and legal services for public utility buildings. We advise property owners and managers in the preparation and evaluation of construction documentation, building operation, technical solutions, cost minimisation, we analyse the quality of construction work, and participate in warranty and post-warranty services.

As part of technical and legal consulting, we offer the following services:

    •      Technical and legal advice on investments.
    •      Lowering operating and investment costs.
    •      Technical support during the development of project documentation.
    •      We perform economic analyses of investments.
    •      Development of tender materials for investments.
    •      Advice on the selection of devices with optimal operating parameters.


    Bearing in mind the rising prices of electricity and care for the natural environment, it is worth considering how you can effectively minimise energy consumption. There are many ways to reduce electricity and thus reduce costs incurred on it. We operate according to the latest and innovative solutions that serve to reduce the use of energy in public facilities, through monitoring, accounting for energy distribution and energy audit. The choice of energy supplier is also important, thanks to which, with the same energy consumption, costs can be reduced by appropriately adjusting the tariff.

    As part of the optimization of energy consumption, we offer the following services:

    •      Free savings calculation based on the data provided to us on energy consumption.
    •      Taking over all matters related to the optimization process, including current correspondence on behalf of the client.
    •     Constant supervision over the implemented improvements.
    •     Reporting the savings generated by comparing pre-optimization fees with post-optimization fees.
    •     Comprehensive consultancy of specialised personnel in the field of energy management.
    •     Managing the purchase of electricity on the free market
    •     Selection of optimal parameters for the purchase of electricity.

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