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About us

Bassau is a Polish company that has been operating on the market since 1997. Our catalogue includes pool chemicals & accessories, sauna fragrances & accessories and underwater vacuum cleaners. We offer complete equipment for saunas, baths and SPAs, as well as a cleaning & water treatment agents. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current selecton and numerous promotions.

We created a family company called Darekon, which dealt with the production of fragrance concentrates for saunas. The owners of the company were the marriage of Izabela and Arkadiusz Rawza. After six years, in 2003, we changed the name of the company to Bassau, which was dictated by the expansion of our activities (including swimming pool chemicals). Currently, Arkadiusz Rawza is the owner of the Bassau company. The Bassau company produces and sells all kinds of articles needed for the use of saunas, swimming pools and steam rooms. We have created a Polish alternative company to well-known companies dealing in the sale of pool chemicals and fragrances for saunas and steam rooms.

The company's history

  • 1997
    Establishment of the Darekon company
    In 1997, the Darekon company was established, which initially dealt with the production of sauna fragrance concentrates. The owners are Izabela and Arkadiusz Rawza.
  • 2003
    Change of the company name to PPHU Bassau
    After six years, in 2003, we changed the company name to Bassau. It was dictated by the expansion of activities to include pool chemicals.
  • 2005
    Change of company headquarters and expansion of activities
  • 2016
    Transformation of the company into a SP. z o.o.
  • 2017
    A limited partnership is established
  • 2018
    Opening of a trade office in Ruda Śląska
  • 2018
    Opening of a branch in Warsaw
  • 2019
    Opening of a new store in Prószkówie
  • 2019
    Sponsoring Sauna Cup Polska
    Bassau as a new sponsor of the Sauna Cup Polska competition
  • 2020
    Cooperation with Wielką Orkiestrą Świątecznej Pomocy
  • 2020
    Introduction of new disinfectant products
    Launch of a new series of disinfection products called Bas Sept


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