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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours do the staff at bassau.pl work?

We work Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 15:00. Our telephone number +48 77 46 49 674 operates during these hours.

Is it possible to place an order other than online?

Yes, we can accept orders by phone or via e-mail. In each of these cases, we use the payment method "cash on delivery" or prepayment to the account. In order for us to be able to accept the order, we need the following information: name and surname of the addressee - exact address with postal code - telephone number for contacting the courier - product name and the ordered quantity of products - optional if the customer wishes to recive a VAT invoice (requires the inclusion of the correct tax identification number. Prepare this information before contacting our company, or send us an order to the email address: info@bassau.pl.

Can I pick up the goods in person?

Yes. Orders can be collected in person at our stationary store located at: ul. Kościuszki 20, 46-060 Prószków near Opole.

Is the product available on the spot?

If it is possible to order a product in the online store, it is available "on the spot". In exceptional cases, we inform the customer about the delay of delivery by e-mail or telephone.

Can I return the purchased goods?

Yes. Details on the withdrawal from the contract can be found on the website in the REGULATIONS section.

What is the time to process the order ?

The time of order fulfillment is counted from the moment of posting the payment or receiving information about choosing the method of payment on delivery or via Przely24 and is from 1 to 3 working days (from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). In the case of ordering goods that are not available (under order), the delivery time is extended accordingly. The time of delivery of the goods to the Buyer is from 24 hours to 48 hours (in the case of courier shipments) or 24 hours to 72 hours in the case of shipments to Parcel Lockers). Orders placed by 1 p.m. on working days are shipped the same day.

Will the courier call and bring the package at a specific time?

The courier has a telephone number, but is not obliged to call the addressee. The courier chooses the time of delivery.

What should I do if the package arrives incomplete or damaged?

Fortunately, such situations are extremely rare. Each parcel leaving bassau.pl is insured. It is important that a damage report is drawn up by the courier, if the courier has already left, contact the courier company. You have 7 days to write the protocol. Important: Claims related to shortages and mechanical damage to goods without a written protocol at the time of delivery will not be considered. In addition, please provide information by e-mail with photos or by phone about the damage to the parcel. We always try to stand on the client's side and solve the problem with a positive result.

I have a problem with a card payment or other payment made by Przelewy24

Contact us on the phone number +48 77 46 49 726 or via e-mail info@bassau.pl.

Do we offer international deliveries?

In exceptional circumstances, it is possible. To find out about the price of foreign shipping, please contact us by e-mail with the following: exact delivery address; quantity and type of ordered goods. On this basis, you will be sent an offer of the most attractive form of shipping.

Will I receive a VAT invoice for the ordered products?

Yes. At the stage of order processing, select the invoice as the sales document and provide the data for the VAT invoice (otherwise you will receive a fiscal receipt). Remember that incorrect data entry will result in printing them on the document. You will always receive a paper VAT invoice with the delivered goods.

I have a special request to make regarding my order - how can I make it?

To do this, add your request in the comments when you place the order. You will find the appropriate field in the last step of the order, it may also provide a note for the courier, e.g. "intercom is not working, please call" e.t.c.

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