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Transport of hazardous materials ADR

 Since 2003, every company that offers the transport of dangerous goods has to cooperate with a safety advisor, who is obliged to control the standards of the ADR carrier and introduce appropriate safety procedures.  They are defined by the international convention on the carriage of dangerous goods by road.  The provisions in force in 50 countries strictly regulate the manner and conditions in which the transport of hazardous materials takes place.

 Hazardous materials include explosive objects, gases, solid and liquid flammable, poisonous, infectious, radioactive and corrosive materials, as well as hazardous objects and materials.  Our company meets all the requirements and orders imposed by the convention regarding ADR transport - their aim is to minimize or eliminate the risk of an accident during ADR road transport.

 The load capacity of our truck is 14 tons.  The vehicle is equipped with loading lifts, refrigerators and forklifts for unloading cargo.  Thanks to this equipment, we can guarantee our customers that both loading and ADR transport, as well as unloading are carried out with the required care.

 Our experienced and qualified drivers take care of safe and effective ADR road transport.  Our staff regularly participates in trainings, thanks to which both customers and us, as well as other road users, can be sure that individual shipments are correctly marked according to the rules of material classification and that ADR road transport is carried out professionally both in terms of conditions and manner.

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