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Disinfection - measures to combat coronavirus


Alcohol/ethanol content 80 g/100 g                                                                                                 Fragrance versions: neutral, eucalyptus.
The stabilized sodium hypochlorite - sodium hypochlorite solution <25 % with the addition of a special stabilizer which extends the shelf life and...
Used for cleaning and disinfection of rooms , s anitary equipment, and washable surfaces in swimming pools.

Taking care of hygiene is very important, especially in places where there are many people, and also where, due to the prevailing conditions, bacteria grow more intensively.

In our store you will find pool disinfectants that can be used both in home tanks and in public swimming pools.

We offer Desofect Forte, which is perfect for cleaning various types of surfaces near swimming pools, as well as for cleaning sanitary equipment.

Due to the fact that it is bactericidal and fungicidal, it will allow you to properly protect selected surfaces. Pool disinfection has never been so easy, the preparation does not require any rinsing.

The pool disinfection chemicals available in our assortment are also the Laudamonium antifungal preparations. They are most often used in sports facilities, swimming pools, but also in cloakrooms, beauty salons and many other places where customers may be exposed to germs.

Laudamonium can be used for cleaning wooden and acrylic surfaces, but also for washing of the hands and the body. Its use is aimed at preventing the transmission of various types of bacteria and fungi.

Pool disinfection is very important, especially in the case of heated water tanks which, due to their temperatures, become an ideal place for the growth of microorganisms. It's these that pose the greatest threat to humans, penetrating the skin and most often causing various types of infections and inflammation.

The bactericides available in our store have been produced in such a way as to effectively remove bacteria and fungi that are dangerous to humans. At the same time, they are safe for our health and do not cause irritation.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the range on offer.

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