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Stacja dezynfekcyjna z dozownikiem elektrycznym
Stacja dezynfekcyjna z dozownikiem elektrycznym

Large Disinfection Station

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The station is made of powder-coated galvanized steel or stainless steel.
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A disinfection station is a device that ensures the highest level of hygiene.
The disinfection station can be used in places where wall mounting is not possible. It is perfect for the medical sector, services, offices, shops, beauty salons, food processing, etc.

- galvanized steel, powder coated in gray or stainless steel
- dimensions:
     height - 150 cm;
     leg: 25 x 16.5 cm; (width x depth)
     base: 50 x 50 cm
- user manual describing proper hand disinfection.
- electric or manual dispenser
- weight 25 kg


The hand disinfection station is one of the elements of the sanitary lock in workplaces. It is used for automatic contactless or
mechanical application of a disinfectant to the hands of employees going to workplaces and communication hubs in enterprises or organizations.
The device does not require installation. They are placed in the communication line between the social rooms of the establishment
(employee locker rooms, canteens), or directly in front of the entrance to production / service / commercial areas (corridors leading to production and office rooms).
The device is powered by batteries. It is possible to supply from the mains 230 V / 50 Hz alternating current.
No other utlities are required.

Scientists estimate that improving your hygiene index in the form of hand sanitizer could significantly slow the spread of viral diseases.
The findings, which cover infectious diseases in general, including influenza, were published in late December, just before the recent coronavirus outbreak.
The study's authors say its results apply to any such disease and are relevant to the current fight against the coronavirus.
Scientists estimate that focusing on hand hygiene could potentially slow the spread of the disease by up to 37 percent.

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