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Pool chemicals

Means for treating swimming pool water:
The pool chemicals available on this website will allow you to keep your pool in perfect condition. Thanks to them, you can quickly and easily prevent the formation of algae, and at the same time treat the water and ensure its proper pH level.
The chemicals for swimming pools that we offer are products that meet only the highest quality criteria, and at the same time are characterised by a reasonable price.
Among the available products you will find chlorine for swimming pools, which is perfect for disinfection as it has the appropriate bactericidal and disinfecting properties. We sell it in the form of granules, tablets, and also in liquid, so everyone will find the right one for their needs.

We also offer our customers filters for home pools and tanks. They are characterised by simple and intuitive operation that will allow you to keep the water clean. The use of a filter is of great convenience, as well as giving certainty that the water is clean and free of bacteria, thanks to which the whole family will be able to bathe care free.

If, despite taking care of cleanliness, you are constantly fighting with algae accumulating in the water, check the Algen and Algen Super preparations available in our assortment. These products have a neutral pH,  which means they are completely safe for the skin and do not cause irritation. Their advantages also include long-lasting operation and the lack of chlorine.

That's not all, because we also offer salt in tablets, which (through softeners or electrolysers that produce chlorine from it) are perfectly suited for water treatment and softening. This measure is very versatile and used in many different industries. We also sell iodine-bromine thermal salts, as well as algae-thermal salts, which are suitable for cosmetic and therapeutic baths and hydro massage.

 Enjoy your shopping.

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