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Koagulacja wody basenowej


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Flock-Bas Granules 1kg
Flockfix cartridges are designed to assist the filter in removing small suspended particles to ensure sparkling clear water.
A highly liquid coagulation agent of the pool water .
Fluid coagulation agent for pool water. Most effective in the pH range of 6.5 - 7.8 It works irrespective of the temperature and water treatment methods which were used. It...

Thorough cleaning of pools from very fine impurities passing through the filter would be very time-consuming and, consequently, unprofitable, if not for special coagulation measures.

Coagulation is a process by which small particles of a system (such as e.g. impurities in a pool) combine into larger structures. As a result, such particles can easily be retained by filters. Coagulation of pool water should be carried out relatively often in order to maintain proper cleanliness and remove all dirt - even very small and invisible to the naked eye.

For the process to be successful, it must be carried out under appropriate conditions. The water in the pool must have a pH value preferably in the range of 7.0 - 7.4. In such water, the products offered will be the most effective and help visibly improve filtration. In order to obtain the optimal pH of the water, we recommend using our special products that regulate this value.

Our assortment includes various coagulants. We have liquid preparations that can be safely dosed through a skimmer (i.e. a filtration element that collects all impurities on its surface) with an active circulation pump. In addition, we have granular preparations that are equally as effective regardless of the temperature. Some products are recommended only for special sand filters. We offer these products in containers of various sizes - from 1 kg to 30 kg.

These products are perfect in combination with other products that we offer - e.g. with disinfection or algae removing products. Choose the right product to keep every pool clean. If you need assistance in choosing the right product, please contact us.

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