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Regulacja pH wody


Product available with different options
A liquid product designed to lower the pH of swimming pool water.   
Liquid agent for lowering the pH of the water in the pool. Use depending on the desired pH value (in the range from 7.0 to 7.4) and the type of chlorine. Mixing or diluting...
Highly concentrated liquid agent for lowering the pH of pool water. Without hydrochloric acid, and does not cause corrosion. Contains sulfuric acid - 50%.
Used to lower the pH in the pool water - from the alkaline to the ideal range of 7.0-7.4 . Does not contain chlorides. Granulate d, can be the stored...
Highly concentrated liquid agent for increasing the pH of the water in the pool. The agent should be used depending on the desired pH of 7.0-7.4 . This...
pH PLUS granulate powder used to adjust the pH of the pool water. It raises the pH level in the pool water with the acid (less than 7.0), to the ideal value (7.0 -7.4), a...

Water that is too acidic or too alkaline can cause many different hazards. Its level should be between 7.0 - 7.4 - which will ensure that it is chemically clean, and therefore safe. To maintain this level, you need to use special neutralising agents to reduce high acidity or alkalinity.

Regulation of pH in pool water is very important - if the level is too high, it can irritate unprotected skin and eyes. Moreover, in such water disinfectants are much less effective, which results in rapid development of bacterial flora, algae growth and unsightly colouring of pool water. On the other hand, if the acidic pH is lower than the optimal value of 7.0, it can cause accelerated damage to the elements of the pool structure - ceramics, metals and other materials which are subject to rapid deterioration.

Our assortment includes agents for proper pH regulation. There is no need to dilute the recommended liquid or loose agents - you can add the measured amount directly from the container. As a result, they are easy to use and do not require specialist knowledge to use them - just follow the instructions provided.

These agents are very effective and quickly improve the pH value of the water. The products have been tested and have special approvals that confirm their parameters. They are available in containers of various sizes and, depending on the type, weigh between 1.5 - 40 kg. The products offered are suitable for both small private pools and larger swimming pools.

Proper pH regulation in the pool ensures the safety of swimmers. Values ​​outside the range 7.0-7.4 may pose a threat to their health, so it is a primary basis for proper pool maintenance. If you need assistance in choosing the right product, please contact us.

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