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Hayward Magic Clean - Pool Robot Cleaner

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Works with existing filter system with a minimum pump of 0.75 HP, so there is no need to replace the bags and does not charge additional electricity.

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Robot pool Hayward Magic Clean.
Hayward Magic Clean is a robot designed for above ground and flat bottom pools. Its atypical and fun design contains the Smart Drive cleaning system, devilishly effective!
Minimum power filtration pump: 3/4 (0.75) cv.

As good as original.
Hayward Magic Clean pool robot is designed for pools above ground or buried inside dish. Its particularly original design contains the powerful cleaning program SmartDrive. It ensures effective and fast every square centimeter of the bottom of your pool cleaning by sucking up microscopic dust as big impurities.
Acting as a true mobile plug, the Magic Clean robot allows you to keep a clean water longer still.

Features of the robot hayward magic clean.
Exclusive navigation program SmartDrive for a clean perfect for each square centimetre of your pool.
Easy installation without tools in 10 minutes
Very quiet operation
Economical: no need for booster, it works on the filtration circuit existing (allow filtration of 0.75 HP min pump)
Resistant: powered by turbines (wheels or belts), efficiency and increased service life.

The types of supported pools.
Types of pool: buried and pools above ground, maximum 10 x 5 m.
All pelvis shapes: rectangular, oval, free forms
Flat bottom only
Coating liner
Minimum power filtration pump: 3/4 (0.75) cv

The technical characteristics of the hayward magic clean robot.
Installation: the user on the broom plug or the skimmer
Technology: Hydraulic suction
Source of energy: Filtration of the pool
Displacement: Guidance automatic SmartDrive
Anti-obstacle: no
Possibility of bathing at the same time: Yes
Pipe length: 9.6 m
Filtering surface: according to the pool filtration
Minimum power filtration pump: 0.75 HP (3/4 HP)

Technical characteristics.
Type of filtration: Filtration of the pool
Cleaning: Only background
The pipe length: 9.6 m
Coating: Liner
Pool type: buried and above ground
Shape of the pool: all forms
Robot type: hydraulic suction
Cleaning the bottom: Yes
Cleaning from the bottom, walls and water line: no
The water line cleaning: no
Weight: 6.89 kg
Warranty: 2 years

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