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Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro
Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro

Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro - Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin 2x2 Pro Gyro is the latest modernised version of the 2x2 vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning Olympic-sized swimming pools. Inquiries about the price and product data should be directed to: info@bassau.pl

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Designed for cleaning all types of swimming pools, up to 33 m in length, up to 600 m2 in size and up to 5 m deep.

The Dolphin 2X2 Pro Gyro pool cleaner uses 4 brushes (2 front and 2 rear) designed to pick up stubborn debris and dirt regardless of the pool finish (concrete, liner, ceramic). The four brush combination ensure a deep clean of the bottom surface, walls and waterline of your pool

Its pump with a high capacity of 34m³/h allows the Dolphin 2X2 Pro Gyro to use powerful suction action, collecting the debris and dirt in the two large format filter bags. The unit is supplied with two types of filter bags, 50 and 70 microns. This means you can refine the filtration corresponding to the condition of the water.
The algorithm programmed in the Dolphin 2X2 Pro Gyro optimises its operation: from the moment the unit is placed in the water, it determines the profile of the pool and calculates the most adapted cleaning cycle. Its gyroscopic system ensures a precise sweep whilst maintaining course, even on sloped bottomed pools.

This pool cleaner is compatible with all pool bottoms: flat, gentle slope, combined slopes, diamond points, and diving pools.
The cable of the Dolphin 2X2 Pro Gyro, is 30m long and uses an EZ Swivel system. Very resistant, this device stops the electrical cable twisting as the Dolphin 2X2 Pro Gyro is working throughout the pool. This facilitates maintenance and ensures a longer lifespan of the cleaner.
The supply block features a full filter warning light. A red light activates and stays lit when the filter bags are full. When they are not full the light stays off.
The remote control can be used to begin the operation of the pool cleaner and control the following cleaning programs :
- Delay clock : So you can program when you want to clean the pool.
- Regular : Cleans bottom surface and walls.
- Ultra Clean : Slow movements for a deep clean.
- Climbing : so you can regulate the frequency of wall cleans (none, 8, 16 or 24 minutes). Factory default setting : non-climbing.
- Duration of cycle : 4, 6, or 8 hours.

Technical features:

  • Power input 230V/50 Hz
  • Low current input DC-24V
  • Maximum dimensions of pool 40m in length maximum
  • Compatible pool finishes Liner, PVC, ceramic, fiber glass, painted concrete
  • Compatible bottom surface flat and sloped, diamond point.
  • Cleans Bottom, walls and waterline of pool.
  • Cleaning brushes  PVC
  • Motorisation Brushless motor
  • Suction power 34m³/hour (2 x 17m³/h)
  • Number of filter bags 2
  • Filtering capacity 50 or 70 microns
  • Settings Automatic or manual mode by remote control
  • Carrying range of remote control 50m
  • Transmissionby belt
  • Moving speed 15m/min
  • Hourly cleaned surface 450m²/h
  • Number of cleaning cycles 3
  • Duration of cleaning cycles 4h, 6h or 8h
  • Length of cable 40m
  • Full filter warning light yes
  • Transportation trolley yes
  • Packed dimensions L88 x w51 x h52cm
  • Packed weight 40kg
  • Dimensions of packed transportation trolley L64 x w64 x h30cm
  • Packed weight of transportation trolley 10kg
  • Guarantee 2 years or 3000h of working time

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