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Odkurzacz Dolphin Supreme M5 BIO-S
Odkurzacz Dolphin Supreme M5 BIO-S

Dolphin Supreme M5 BIO-S Robotic Pool Cleaner

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For swimming ponds and biological pools up to 15m in length.

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Dolphin Supreme M5 BIO-S is a dedicated robotic pool cleaner.
Used for cleaning all kinds of swimming ponds and biological pools up to 15 m long. Water treatment in such tanks is done in a natural way with plants and microorganisms, without the use of any chemicals, just like in ponds or lakes.
The vacuum cleaner effectively cleans and vacuums the bottom, walls and waterline of the tank and is the first automatic vacuum cleaner where an external pool filter or circulation pump can be used to filter the water.

To use this option, in order to remove large amounts of dirt from the pool (leaves, algae), remove one filter cartridge and in its place insert a sleeve with a turntable supplied with the vacuum cleaner. A suction pipe (optional) should be connected to the turntable, the other end of which should be connected to the pool filter or the circulation pump, similarly to using a hand vacuum cleaner. After plugging one hole in the bottom cover, you can run the Supreme M5 BIO-S in automatic mode, or use the remote control to select the manual mode and direct the vacuum cleaner to places that require special cleaning.

The finer contaminants can be collected in the standard way on the filter cartridges accessible from the top of the vacuum cleaner.
Each type of filter used in cartridges can be rinsed several times under running water.
Each cartridge can be equipped with one of the three types of filters supplied with the vacuum cleaner.
Coarse BIO mesh filters (100 μm) in green frames are used to remove larger impurities, and coarse mesh filters (200 μm) in black frames) for removal to remove the largest impurities, while ultra-precise cartridge filters (50 μm) are similar in construction to car filters air is used to remove the smallest contaminants.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with two drive motors, each of which drives two left (front and rear) and two right brushes. This significantly improves the maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner during automatic and manual operation.
Supreme M5 BIO-S has two double BIO brushes made of PVC, which allow the vacuum cleaner to move over slippery and uneven surfaces.
Additionally, there is a double active PVC brush on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. It rotates at twice the speed of the front and rear brushes for effective cleaning.
The vacuum cleaner floating hose is equipped with a turntable to prevent it from twisting.
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a microprocessor control and diagnostics system with software ensuring reliable scanning of the entire bottom and walls of the pool during the working cycle.
The vacuum cleaner works fully automatically in pools of various sizes and shapes, including shallow pools (beaches).
The vacuum cleaner has an advanced digital power supply that can work with a remote control via radio waves. There is a diode on the power supply that indicates dirty filter cartridges that require cleaning and a diode of the introduced delay of starting work.
The remote control allows you to select the manual operation mode (controlling the movements of the vacuum cleaner) and the mode automatic work. During manual operation, the movements of the vacuum cleaner are controlled using the four buttons. After changing the operating mode to automatic there is a selection of parameters and the type of cleaning displayed using the icons on the display:

Duration of the cleaning cycle:
- fast cycle 2 hours,
- effective cycle for daily cleaning 3 hours (default setting),
- extra-effective cycle 4 hours.
Delay in starting work (allows contaminants to sink to the bottom of the pool):
- without delay (default setting),
- delay of 1 hour,
- delay of 2 hours.
Type of cleaning:
- standard (default setting) - cleaning the bottom, walls and waterline of the pool,
- ultra cleaning of the bottom and corners of the pool (increased suction and slower movements),
- ordinary cleaning of the bottom and corners of the pool,
- cleaning the pool walls and waterline.

Weekly timer - repeating start of work at a selected time on a selected day of the week.
The Supreme M5 BIO-S vacuum cleaner comes with a trolley for transporting and storing the vacuum cleaner.
The design of the vacuum cleaner is very simple, thanks to which periodic inspections and replacement of worn parts are not a major problem (DIY technology - do it yourself).
Features of the Dolphin Supreme M5 BIO-S vacuum cleaner
Excellent cleaning efficiency - four PVC BIO brushes and two active PVC brushes remove most dirt, algae and bacteria clusters even from very slippery and uneven surfaces of the pool.
Versatile filtration system - depending on the degree of contamination of the pool, the external pool filter can be used to remove impurities, as well as internal filter cartridges with a filtering accuracy of 50 μm, 100 μm and 200 μm. This makes it possible to obtain a clean pool in all conditions

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