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Defibrylator AED  DE DCFE110
Defibrylator AED  DE DCFE110
Defibrylator AED  DE DCFE110

Defibtech DE DCFE110 AED Defibrillator

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DE DCFE110 ;   LIFELINE two-phase defibrillator with a 7-year battery!   ;   https://youtu.be/lt-9pHfLRmU

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A very easy-to-use AED defibrillator that guides the rescuer through all stages of BLS / AED.
Intended for use by people with no medical expertise.
Recommended for equipment primarily: workplaces, places of public use, Emergency Services, Outpatient Clinics, Doctors' offices.

The most important features:
1. The LIFELINE AED defibrillator guides the rescuer through all stages of BLS / AED
2. Equipped with a voice guide in Polish!
3. Very safe to use, automatically analyses and correctly recognises the ECG record.
4. Very low operating costs - long battery and electrode life!
5. Does not require regular inspections by an authorized service!
6. Automatically performs self-tests informing about device readiness for operation!
7. Full compatibility - the electrode adapter enables the switch to the defibrillator used in ambulances
8. High resistance to external conditions, including water (IP54 acc. To IEC 529)
9. The highest resistance to shock and vibration MIL-STD-810F 516.5
10. State-of-the-art, low-energy, two-phase pulse generation technology with proven effectiveness.
11. 8-year warranty for Lifeline devices in terms of proper functioning
12. Authorized warranty and post-warranty service
13. The device has a CE declaration of conformity which allows it to be marketed in Poland.
14. The ability to quickly and easily update the software in the event of changing the ERC guidelines !!!
15. Equipped with a metronome to assist acoustically at the correct rate of chest compressions during CPR.

Defibrillator Type: Semi-Automatic; the device is started and stopped by pressing one button. Step-by-step instructions guide the rescuer through the first aid steps.
LIFELINE Exterior Design:
• Lifeline defibrillator is equipped with only two buttons, thanks to which the operation of the device is extremely clear and simple: starting the device and initiating the discharge.
• deliberately selected AED colors make it more visible;
• flashing status indicator informs about the device's readiness;
• deliberate absence of the ECG display so as not to confuse the rescuer.
• very simple, clear voice messages in Polish
• lack of a cover, moving elements and drawings that could confuse the "rescuer" and delay the appropriate rescue actions
• AED storage with electrodes connected - allows immediate initiation of specific rescue activities
Power Type:
Option DEDCFE110: Non-rechargeable battery 7 years - 300 shocks or 16 hours of continuous use,

-children (1-8 years) (optional pediatric electrodes)

Waterproof / tightness:
IEC60529 class IP54 resistant to water splashes from any direction, dustproof.

The complete kit includes:
Defibrillator with 7-year non-rechargeable battery, 9V backup battery for self-tests and device status indicator, adult pads set, user manual, quick-start card, AED First Aid Supplement: (The AED First Aid Supplement includes , razor, two pairs of vinyl gloves and a sanitizing gauze, 2 stickers in the building, there is an AED

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