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sól tabletkowa 25 kg
sól tabletkowa 25 kg

Salt Tablets 20g


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Tableted salt (20 g) is intended for water treatment, water filters, water softeners and dishwashers. The main component is sodium chloride (NaCl). Salt tablets are free of any mechanical contaminants . Ensures excellent water quality, which is ready for immediate use.
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Our product range includes products for effective water treatment, water filters and softeners, as well as dishwashers. Tablet salt (20 g) is an extremely universal product that will meet the expectations of both private customers, as well as owners of industrial enterprises (e.g. in the energy industry) or catering companies who want to use clean water, free of any contamination.

Tableted salt does not contain any mechanical impurities, and its main ingredient is sodium chloride (NaCl). It does not emit any odours and it has a salty taste. It provides the water with excellent parameters and makes it ready for immediate use, can be used every day in various ways. The great efficiency and versatility of the product has met the expectations of the most demanding users for a long time, who either have private swimming pools equipped with an electrolysis system or operate in one of the above-mentioned industries. This kind of chemistry is also completely safe for human health.

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25 kg bags

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