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Brines / Salt for inhalation and bathing


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The chemical composition of the brine is characterised by exceptionally high mineralization, characteristic of products from the sea. Package: 950 ml or 5 l
Bath salt, rich in micronutrients, brewed from medicinal brine mined in Dębowiec near Skoczów, POLAND.   :  Package 1.2 kg.
Visiting a sauna where peeling salts are used gives you even more positive sensations. This product is based on natural sea salt and contains perfume oil. 
A handful of salt in a bathtub of water will moisturise, firm, nourish and regenerate the skin. Package 1 kg.
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Thermal water rich in micronutrients to be used during therapeutic baths.

To take full advantage of the beneficial effects of thermal salts on the body, you need to know how to properly prepare brine baths. This is not a difficult task and the benefits of relaxing in fortified water are countless.

Thermal salts or brines, such as iodine-bromine, not only support the body in various diseases, but also provide skin care. No wonder it is used both in SPAs, as well as in cosmetic SPAs or in hydro massages. Enriched water softens the skin, nourishes and moisturises it, and also helps in deep cleansing.

Adding thermal salts or bath brines is one way to prevent the skin from drying out during long soaking in water. The brine bath helps build immunity, supports the treatment of rheumatism and dermatological diseases, while steam breathing is great for the throat, larynx and lungs. The addition of thermal brine will help to compensate for iodine deficiency in the body, which directly translates into improved cellular respiration. Relaxation in water enriched with minerals relaxes and calms down, which makes the brines a perfect ally in the fight against stress.

Both sauna salts and thermal salts have a great effect on the human body - in terms of both its health and the condition of the skin. It is worth providing yourself with the necessary minerals while relaxing in the jacuzzi.

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