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dried sauna whisks


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Very high quality! Released in 2019   ;   Available with lid.
How to use in a sauna or banya? It is recommended to hold the whisk against your face while bathing in the sauna and inhale the aroma for 3 to 5 minutes. It is also...

Prepare the infusion of dried whisks in the right way and enjoy the wonderful aroma. Use it for body massage in a dry sauna or steam bath.

The greatest fans of steam baths in Europe - the Finns - cannot imagine a session in a dry sauna without gently tapping the leaves on the skin. Oak whisks for the sauna, as well as those made of birch or eucalyptus, are used to stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the opening of pores, thus supporting the body cleansing processes. Also suitable for people with sensitive skin - the twigs are delicate, so lashing does not hurt.

We offer the following whisks: birch, oak and eucalyptus.
Where does so much variety come from?

What the bundles are made of is not insignificant. Eucalyptus fills the sauna with an aroma that is great for the throat and helps fight infections. Birch, thanks to the high content of vitamins C and A, helps to cleanse the skin and soften the epidermis. We offer oak whisks in several variants, for example with the addition of maple or linden. Whipping with them will not only bring the heat from the sauna deeper into the body, but also improve the functioning of the nervous system and refresh the skin.

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