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Coolly ice massager blue

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Ice massager for performing an ice massage ritual or cooling the body after leaving the sauna

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A proven solution to help you cool down after a workout or sauna visit? How about something to replace medications and pain ointments after a muscle overloaded with exercise? The Coolly massager is a revolutionary solution in any of these cases, and in many others as well. Its ease of use and versatile design are also appreciated by those who prefer ice skin massages for beauty.

Cold therapy is one of the best, and easiest to achieve at home, ways to improve circulation in the skin. Coolly's official store offers a unique product that will provide you with almost unlimited possibilities for use at times when your muscles need soothing and your skin needs a bit of coolness that will bring relief and help improve its texture. 

The device has compact dimensions:

water mold capacity: about 500 ml

height: 11.5 cm

length: 15.8 cm

width: 10,4 cm

When massaging with a lump of ice, the blood system is stimulated. There is a kind of chain reaction - blood vessels begin to work more efficiently, blood flow accelerates, and thus all tissues and organs receive more nutrients. As a result of the massage, the functioning of every area in the human body improves. The condition and appearance of the skin of the face, neck or décolleté also improves. In addition, the ice massager can be used virtually anywhere, from the cheeks to the chest or abdomen to the thighs.

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