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Stimulating body butter with lemon oil for use in a dry sauna or steam bath.
A blend of 5 natural Essential Oils with antiseptic properties.
zł55.20 zł69.00
Larvikitt lava stones for use in electric, gas or wood-fired sauna heaters. The high quality and physical properties of the stones ensure the right temperature in the sauna. Country of origin: Norway.
zł211.00 zł234.44
Set of 10 natural essential oils for home aromatherapy an a elegant wooden box. Cheaper when purchased as a set - The price of these individual items is PLN 234,44 (10 oils + box)
zł129.23 zł143.59
Set of 6 natural essential oils for home aromatherapy in an elegant wooden box. Cheaper when purchased as a set - The price of these individual items is PLN 143,59 (6 oils + box)
Black sauna scoop ladle for pouring water on sauna stones.
The stabilized sodium hypochlorite - sodium hypochlorite solution <25 % with the addition of a special stabilizer which extends the shelf life and prevents clogging of the dispensing tubes . Shelf life : 6 months from date of production.

Bassau - professional swimming pool accessories

If you are plagued by persistent algae in the pool, your pool filters are still clogging up, or you simply do not have time for constant cleaning, you should definitely check out our catalogue. It includes a variety of accessories for the pool: chlorine, anti-algae preparations, salts and other chemicals for swimming pools, for example, to maintain the proper water hardness.

We don't limit ourselves to swimming pools only - at Bassau we also offer sauna accessories that will help to ensure its proper function. Here you can find oils for the sauna with varied aromas, creams, salts, as well as whisks, hangers and tasteful hygrometers.

Choose your category: pool chemicals & equipment, aromatherapy, saunas & steam baths, hydro-massage spa bathtubs, and more! We invite you to browse our selection.


Essential oils - effective aromatherapy

Each of us has our favourite fragrances. Oils used in saunas are not only used to make the time spent there pleasant by their fragrance properties.

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How to take care of your swimming pool?

The article below will help you keep your water crystal clear and free of all unwanted microorganisms, such as pool algae.

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