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"Zablocka" Brine Mist

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The chemical composition of the brine is characterised by exceptionally high mineralization, characteristic of products from the sea. Package: 950 ml or 5 l
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  • can be used in preventive therapy and treatment of throat, sinus, larynx, bronchi and lungs
  • moisturises, nourishes, smoothens and firms skin
  • slows down the process of skin ageing
  • provides human organism with iodine
  • enhances treatment of skin, rheumatic, and gynaecological ailments
  • supports treatment of boils, rash, psoriasis, stretch marks and cellulite
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal agent
  • mitigates nervous strain and makes falling asleep easy
  • speeds up the processes of weight loss, relaxation and convalescence
  • strengthens immune system

Zabłocka brine mist is a natural mineral water with approx. 3,5% Zabłocka Curative Salt concentration. The brine is biologically pure, as it is extracted from 500 meters below the face of the earth in a town called Dębowiec in the southern Poland.

Due to its exceptionally high mineralisation, the chemical composition of brine bears some features of the sea products. The iodine content of Zabłocka brine is the highest known in the world, among the natural saline solutions. The brine is also very rich in various elements including calcium, magnesium, bromine, boron, silicon, selenium, and many others.

The exceptionally valuable quality of Zabłocka brine mist is that the aforementioned elements are in the state of chemical balance what facilitates its absorption by the human organism.

By the inhalation of Zabłocka iodine-bromine brine mist one can enjoy the properties of the seaside climate in one’s own home.

Zabłocka brine strengthens immune system, provides human organism with iodine, and eliminates its shortages.

Zabłocka brine mist can also be used in the domestic treatment of sinus ailments, tonsilitis, cold, cough, flu, mycosis of the oral cavity and other such troubles. It is used both in the health resorts and in domestic conditions for the inhalations of sinus, throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. As well as for the mouth and throat gargling, and rooms humidifying.

Application: Zabłocka iodine-bromine Mist can be used in devices for diffusion and spraying, as well as ininhalersUse it either in the natural state or in the form of physiological solution, which is obtained by mixing one dose of brine with two doses of pure water.

Content of microelements:


  • iodines               120 mg/kg
  • bromines            160 mg/kg
  • silicates              11,6 mg/kg
  • bicarbonates       61 mg/kg
  • chlorides             23000 mg/kg
  • sulfurs                2,7 mg/kg


  • calcium           1170 mg/kg
  • magnesium     516 mg/kg
  • potassium       86,5 mg/kg
  • iron                0,44 mg/kg
  • sodium           13100mg/kg
  • strontium         44,8 mg/kg

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