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Classic AROMA - 10 Essential Oil Set with Box

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Set of 10 natural essential oils for home aromatherapy an a elegant wooden box. Cheaper when purchased as a set - The price of these individual items is PLN 234,44 (10 oils + box)

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Feel the power of aromatherapy in your home ...

A set of the 10 most popular essential oils 15ml for use at home, sauna or work.

The set includes the following oils:

  • Eucalyptus leaf oil for the respiratory tract.
  • Analgesic oil from the leaves of the field mint.
  • Strengthening immune resistance with Scots pine oil.
  • Relaxing blood orange peel oil.
  • Antibacterial lavender oil.
  • Relaxing atlas cedarwood oil.
  • Stimulating lemon peel oil.
  • Forest oil from Siberian fir twigs.
  • Antidepressant green mandarin oil.
  • Bactericidal thyme oil.

Essential oils can be combined in the right proportions to create wonderful aromas associated with festive moments.

Examples of combinations:

  • Blood Orange (4 drops) + Lavender (4 drops) + atlas cedarwood (2 drops).
  • Lemon (6 drops) + field mint (4 drops).
  • Green mandarin (5 drops) + Lavender (5 drops).
  • Blood orange (7 drops) + field mint (3 drops).
  • Lavender (6 drops) + atlas cedarwood (4 drops).
  • Scots pine (6 drops) + field mint (4 drops).

Set is perfect as a gift!

An elegant wooden box tied with a string.

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