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Koncentrat zapachowy do sauny - wszystkie rodzaje
Koncentrat zapachowy do sauny - wszystkie rodzaje

Sauna Fragrance Concentrate - All Types

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The BASSAU company offers you sauna fragrance concentrates prepared on a natural basis created by essential oils. Perfect for aromatherapy during a session in the sauna. It will be extremely effective due to the conditions in the sauna, thanks to which the absorption of essential oils takes place through two channels - the respiratory tract and the skin.

In addition, Bassau fragrance concentrates are perfect for composing the so-called fragrance rituals in the sauna, i.e. the use of several aromas in succession, as they do not leave deposits and impurities on the stones. Each fragrance used is the same intensity.
Fragrance concentrates are extremely efficient and suffice for many effective inhalations.
Other uses:
The concentrates we offer can also act as fragrances for air humidifiers. By adding a few drops to water, e.g. when washing the floor, the entire room will be filled with a unique aroma.

Directions for use:
Depending on the desired effect and the intensity of the selected aroma, dilute the sauna concentrate in water with a ratio of 5 to 10 ml of liquid per 1 liter of water.
Stir before use.
Our catalog includes sauna oils of various capacities - 200 ml; 500 ml 1 l; 5 l.

Unit price:

  • 200 ml package PLN 10.95 for 100 ml 
  • 500 ml package PLN 9.99 for 100 ml    
  • 1 l package PLN 8.76 for 100 ml     
  • 5 l package PLN 7.88 for 100 ml

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