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Thermal Lodine-Bromine Salt 1kg

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A handful of salt in a bathtub of water will moisturise, firm, nourish and regenerate the skin. Package 1 kg.

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Salt crystallization takes place in the so-called pan process, which consists in long-term cooking of Zabłock brine and its gradual concentration until the crystallization stage is reached.


    They are performed in sanatoriums, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. At home, you can make supportive and preventive baths. Adding 1 glass of thermal salt from Zabłocie to each bath will bring significant results, and the bathroom climate will be similar to the seaside one. The therapeutic effects depend on the type of disease, its advancement, current therapy, concentration of the bath solution, bath temperature and its duration.
    Therapeutic baths are most often performed in a solution with a concentration of 1% to 5%. At higher concentrations, they should be performed under the supervision of a doctor. Body cleansing and detoxification baths are performed in a concentration above 6%. A 1% solution is obtained by pouring 1 kg of salt into the bathtub per 100 liters of water. 3% solution, respectively 3 kg of salt per 100 l of water.

    Baths are performed at 36-38 degrees C in series of 10, performed every other day, twice a year, or once when the disease symptoms worsen.

    The purpose of such a bath is to nourish, moisturize and cleanse the skin. Such a bath will contribute to delaying the skin aging processes, smoothing wrinkles, elimination of stretch marks, pimples, boils and cellulite. They are performed in beauty salons, beauty farms, wellness and spa centers, as well as at home.
    Baths are most often performed in solutions with a salt concentration of 0.2 to 1.5%, depending on the need for use, the type of skin: whether it is dry or oily, and on individual characteristics. The duration of the bath is 10 to 30 minutes, and the temperature of the solution is 37 to 39 degrees C.

    A type of partial cosmetic bath is soaking hands and feet during manicures and pedicures. The brine will then not only perfectly soften the skin, but also nourish and strengthen nails, and thermal minerals will also bring fungicidal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Slimming treatments are always performed in salt solutions with a concentration above 1%. Baths that eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat are recommended in concentrations of min. 3%. Baths for acne skin, covered with wounds, boils, eczema, with purulent and non-healing wounds, as well as for psoriasis, can be performed at a concentration of up to 6%

    Zablock salts and brines can be used in whirlpool tubs (if not prohibited by the bathtub manufacturer). They will significantly increase the value and attractions of the bath, and their stimulus effect will be much stronger. Zabłock's salts and brines do not have any impurities, so there will be no deposits that could damage the bathtubs.

    During such a bath, significant parts of the body are immersed in the bathtub. Therefore, the surface and power of bathing stimuli on our body is greater.

    We use it when we want to treat only selected areas, e.g. sweating hands or feet, or freezing legs or itchy hands.
    When there is no bathtub at home, you can get great bathing results by soaking your feet only. In the pelvis or adapted foot massagers. In such a situation, it is easier to obtain a higher concentration of the bath solution, and also its temperature can be significantly increased. Our grandmothers used to soak their feet in hot salt solution in the prevention of colds and flu and immediately before going to bed.

    As a result of such treatment, toxins will leave the body through the feet. And warming up the body will help to neutralize viruses and bacteria and thus protect against infection.

The chemical composition of the salt is characterized by exceptionally high mineralization. It is a salt designated as iodine - bromine - boron. In addition, its composition in an extremely high concentration contains ions: calcium, magnesium, silicon, selenium and almost all trace elements. The tradition of production, improved over the years, allows us to obtain a product that will retain as much as possible of the richness of the brine from which it is made. In contrast to the currently used industrial production methods, panned production methods ensure high product quality, unfortunately they are very energy-consuming and expensive. However, the price sometimes higher than other products visible on the market is compensated by the highest mineralization, and thus the great quality values ​​of the thermal salt from Zabłocie.

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