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Zabłocka Lodine-Bromine Thermal Brine


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Thermal water rich in micronutrients to be used during therapeutic baths.
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Zabłocka thermal brine is a natural healing water that has been used for years for baths, compresses, inhalations and gargling. It is the only thermal water in the world with such a rich and unique concentration of active minerals and bioelements, especially iodine, bromine, boron, calcium, magnesium, silicon and selenium. The tradition of its use dates back to spa treatment, and now its values ​​are also appreciated in hydrotherapy, cosmetology and natural medicine.

  •     slows down the aging process of the skin, moisturises, regenerates, smoothes and firms it
  •     accelerates the healing of wounds, stretch marks, boils, pimples and cellulite
  •     soothes psoriasis
  •     has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties
  •     eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat
  •     relieves nervous tension and helps you fall asleep
  •     the richness of iodine protects against throat, laryngeal and bronchial infections
  •     strengthens the body's immunity
  •     facilitates weight loss, relaxation, regeneration and convalescence 

In contact with the human body, it begins to intensely affect the body, both on the skin and internal organs. When poured into the bath, it facilitates the expansion of skin pores and stimulates the process of ion exchange between the human body and the bathing solution. It causes the body to leave toxins and metabolic products such as urea, uric and lactic acid, acetone or creatinine, and the minerals found in the brine are absorbed.

    It is intended for cosmetic and mineral baths, increasing immunity in health prophylaxis, and for supplementing iodine deficiencies. It is used in standard and hydromassage bathtubs as well as in devices - massagers for soaking the feet.
    In skin ailments, e.g. acne and psoriasis, it is used for compresses and rubbing into the skin.
    In mycoses of the feet and nails, for dipping and soaking in it.
    Since the minerals contained in the brine are in a natural ionic form, they can be better absorbed than those crystallized on a grain of salt.

Usage method
    For cosmetic baths, we use 200 ml to 1 l of thermal brine per bath of water.
    200 ml mineral baths per bath of water
    Baths in preventive healthcare, to increase immunity and supplement iodine deficiencies, and in foot massagers from 1 cup.
    For compresses in natural form or in dilution of 1 brine and 1 water.
    The wraps are made by soaking a linen or cotton fabric in a thermal brine from Zabłocie and applying it to a specific part of the body. They can be made cold or hot.
    Cold ones have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, reduce swelling and congestion of tissues and after severe bruises. The average drying time for a compress is 2 to 3 hours. Such compresses have a warming and calming effect. In neuralgia, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza or asthma, they are performed on the chest.
    In hot compresses, the fabric is soaked in brine at 40-45 degrees Celsius and applied to a selected part of the body, and then covered with a dry cloth or a hot water bottle. Such compresses facilitate the absorption of exudates, have a relaxing effect on smooth muscles, and have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Good results of applying compresses from the thermal brine in Zabłocie are also obtained in various skin diseases, especially in psoriasis, acne, stretch marks and cellulite.

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