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Fragrances for steam bath

Fragrances for steam baths are available in various different types of aromas. We offer over 100 essential oils in the form of a concentrate or emulsion. We will also provide you with aromatic substances, which can be obtained in packages of 1, 5 or 30 litres.

Production of natural fragrances:
Our company specialises in the production of natural aromas used in spas and swimming pools. Thanks to the use of products that are based on natural ingredients, we can offer steam sauna fragrances tailored to the aesthetic preferences of our customers.

Additional tips
We would like to advise customers who decide to buy concentrates from our catalogue that they should not be used for pouring on stones.
One of the advantages is the lack of sediment after their use, which helps to keep the bath clean. Thanks to this, they are accessories that also favour the care of the natural environment and allow for savings in operation.


This company has been producing fragrance emulsion for the steam bath based on natural essential oils.
The company has been producing fragrance for steam baths based on natural essential oils.
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