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Neutral agents


Fliser N - to clean large surfaces

If you want swimming in your home pool to be not only pleasant, but also safe for your health, then natural agents will be the best way to do it.

Thanks to them, it will be possible to maintain water at a pH level of 7 - 7.4. Such a pH will be skin-friendly and will not cause irritation.

However, it is also important to remove dirt from the water.
Our assortment includes Filiser N pool cleaner. It's perfect for removing dirt, and what's more, it has properties that help reduce odours. Regular use of such a preparation will not only help get rid of dirt, but also effectively remove bacteria and fungi.

A home swimming pool is a great thing, especially when it's hot outside, but you should remember to take care of it properly. Only in this way will it be pleasant and safe. The pool cleaners that you can find in our selection will help you get rid of troublesome dirt such as limescale, sediment and fat.

We encourage all home pools owners to read the product descriptions and find the best and most advantageous solutions that will help quickly and effectively remove dirt and get rid of bacteria.

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