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Acid agents


Perfect for removing various types of hard sediments, such as limestone, which are formed in the pool. Acidic agents available in our assortment are Fliser Essig, Fliser K, Fliser Citro, Fliser K Super, Fliser S and Randrani S gel.

Fliser Essig is a vinegar-based product, thanks to which it effectively removes calcium and soap deposits, also fights dirt, and is suitable for cleaning joints. However, it should be remembered that it is an acidic agent that cannot be used to remove dirt from marble or terrazzo.

We also offer our clients preparations with phosphoric and hydrochloric acid bases, which are intended for cleaning ceramic surfaces and basins. Like Fliser Essig, it can be used to effectively remove limescale and calcium as well as rust and grease.

As a pool cleaning agent, Randrani S gel will also work perfectly well, as it will effectively remove dirt not only from stone and ceramic tiles, but also from built-in elements.

The chemicals we offer for cleaning the pool are a wide selection of high-quality products that are perfect for cleaning the surfaces of water reservoirs and will allow household members to enjoy clean and bacteria-free water.

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