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room Air Freshener


Air Freshener for housing, bathrooms, public spaces, car etc. It eliminates unpleasant smells, leaving a fresh and pleasant aroma.

Nice, soothing aromas have a positive effect on the comfort of using the rooms and allow for a good impression from people using these places. These are our suggestions as professional fragrances for use in:

  •     Premises in public utility places;
  •     Home bathrooms, as well as toilets located in public facilities;
  •     Cars;
  •     Apartments

Available fragrances:
The advantage of our catalogue is a wide selection of proposed aromatic options. These possibilities include:

• pomegranate • grapefruit • orchid • lavender • jasmine • citrus • Asian grass

These are only the most popular choices, and we have much more on offer. Therefore, our clients can choose products tailored to their tastes in terms of aesthetic preferences. In this way, you can also differentiate the experience by applying a specific dose of the product, while following the manufacturer's recommendations.

Functional features
By using these professional fragrances for bathrooms, cars and rooms, you can use them to deal with unpleasant odours that will be replaced by concentrates sold by our company offering soothing aromas. With the help of these accessories, it will be possible to improve the comfort of using the car, as well as the comfort of rooms in the home. They can be used directly on the indicated surface, sprayed in the air, and also with a vacuum cleaner.

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