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Special products

We offer our clients a wide selection of various types of products that will help to effectively get rid of various types of dirt and sediment. As specialists, we know that cleaning pools often requires a lot of work, so in order to facilitate it, we offer proven products.

The special agents we sell include, among others, gels that effectively remove greasy deposits. They are perfect for washing stone plates, tiles, synthetic materials, but also parts of the built-in pool.

If you are the owner of the pool, you certainly know how important it is to descale it, and you can quickly and conveniently do it with the use of Radiani S gel, which, thanks to the high content of microelements, will remove the stone from the surface and restore its former glow.

We also offer a proven agent for cleaning and removing sediment that remain on pool filters. With just a small amount, you can get rid of the sludge and restore the filter to normal operation.

If, in addition to the pool, you also have your own sauna, it's also worth trying our products for their cleaning. They will perfectly remove dirt from the wood, and also protect it from discolouration. Check out our catalogue to find what you need!


Liquid agent for removing mineral deposits stuck on filters. Package 1 kg.
Filter SPA is a product that will allow you to keep your spa tubs clean. Effectively removes iron and mineral deposits that appear during regular use of the bathtub.
Impregnating and protecting preparation for floors.
An excellent product for cleaning sanitary facilities, containing abrasive particles.
Alkaline gel to clean swimming pools. It cleans all the materials in a swimming pool (slabs, foils, polyester, plastic, fittings etc.) The gelatinous consistency allows...
Cleaner for cleaning windows, mirrors and plastics. Removes fats and oils.
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