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Electronic photometers

An extremely practical solution that allows you to measure the content of pH and chlorine in water is a photometer. This device will meet the expectations of all users who value high water quality and will give the opportunity to obtain accurate measurements, enabling the use of the optimal amount of pool chemicals for water treatment.

Our offer includes high-class devices of this type, as well as devices for measuring the concentration of active oxygen. The testers available in our assortment ensure the ability to maintain appropriate parameters of water in the pool, safe for the human body. The measurement is based on comparing the color of the taken sample with the colour on a comparative scale. Each photometer in our offer is very precise and has been made by recognized manufacturers, and thanks to its practicality it will meet the expectations of demanding customers. The great advantage of the solutions available in our assortment is the ease of use - photometers are very easy to use, and have ergonomic and small dimensions. Their high durability makes them suitable for a long time, and they will be used not only in swimming pools, SPAs or aquariums, but also in laboratories and sewage treatment plants.


Every pool owner should measure the most important parameters in his pool at regular intervals. This is the only way to ensure that water quality is maintained at a right...
Electronic device for measuring REDOX potential and temperature. The device is equipped with replaceable electrodes to ensure a long service life and functionality. Meets the...
Electronic device for measuring salinity and temperature, The device is equipped with replaceable electrodes to ensure a long service life and functionality.
6 in 1 swimming pool water tester.   ;   50 pcs in the package.
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