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Środki do czyszczenia sauny

Wood in saunas must be systematically cared for and protected to prevent its excessive moisture or drying out, which can lead to its destruction. We recommend special sauna cleaning agents from our selection, thanks to which you will properly refresh and impregnate the bench and backrest against harmful factors.

Our selection includes special, natural oils, which protect against dirt and prevent its swelling. What's more, they reduce the peeling of the wood and prevent delamination and cracks. Oils protect the covered elements against mineral deposits and also against moisture.

Sauna cleaners are completely safe, do not leave residues and do not discolor. They can be used for deckchairs, walls, ceilings, headboards, benches or backrests. Depending on the type, they can be easily applied with a sponge, cloth or brush.

Choose the right product that will help remove dirt in each sauna and make its elements well-impregnated.


Impregnant for the maintenance of sauna benches. Production Estonia. Capacity 0.5 liters.
Protective oil spray Kalvax 20 Oil with the addition of beeswax to impregnate the benches and backs 200 ml, 600 ml package.
Kalvax 40 protective oil spray. Oil for impregnating walls and ceilings in the sauna. 200 ml, 600 ml package.
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