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Alkaline agents

If you have a swimming pool in your garden, you know perfectly well that it requires regular care, only in this way you will ensure the cleanliness of the water and avoid the formation of fungi and bacteria.

Our shop offers its customers alkaline agents for cleaning the pool. Most of them have potassium hydroxide in their composition, thanks to which they easily dissolve grease and other dirt, allowing you to get rid of various stains. The active substances contained in them allow the reservoirs to restore their former splendour.

We also offer a gel for removing greasy deposits, which thanks to its thick consistency does not run off, which is why it is perfect for removing dirt from vertical walls. However, the Fliser BIO product can be used on all surfaces. It is most often used to clean toilets, windows, doors and showers.

The chemicals for cleaning swimming pools available in our range are high-quality agents that are perfect for cleaning both private water reservoirs and public swimming pools.

Our products can be purchased in various capacities of 1 kg, 5 kg or 30 kg. The small ones are perfect for private clients, and the large ones for companies.

We encourage you to check the details of our offers, in which you will find all the alkaline agents we sell.


Removes grease and general dirt Available capacity: 1/5/30 kg
FliserBio - removes organic contaminants. Liquid cleaning agent for cleaning all surfaces. Slightly alkaline, used for cleaning locker rooms, showers, toilets, windows,...
Alkaline gel to clean swimming pools. It cleans all the materials in a swimming pool (slabs, foils, polyester, plastic, fittings etc.) The gelatinous consistency allows...
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